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Black Panther 2

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (2022) is based on the Marvel Comics superhero Black Panther. It is the follow-up to Black Panther (2018) and the 30th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It was made by Marvel Studios and released by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (MCU), starring numerous well-known actors and actresses Letitia Wright, Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Winston Duke, Florence Kasumba, Tenoch Huerta, Martin Freeman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, etc. The movie was directed by Ryan Coogler, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Joe Robert Cole.

The final movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Four, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, had its world premiere on October 26, 2022, at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre and Dolby Theatre. It was then made available for general public viewing on November 11, 2022.

Critics gave the movie positive reviews and praised Coogler’s direction, the action sequences, production and costume design, the cast’s performances (especially those of Wright, Gurira, Huerta, and Bassett), the emotional impact, the musical score, and its tributes to Boseman. However, the runtime and plot received some criticism. Over $400 million has been made by the movie worldwide. It is noteworthy that the following post contains spoilers.

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The storyline

Shuri, the sister of T’Challa, the king of Wakanda, believes that the “heart-shaped plant” might heal the disease that is killing the king. Shuri makes an unsuccessful attempt to artificially replicate it before he falls ill.

One year later, other countries are pressuring Wakanda to share its vibranium, and some people are trying to take it by force. Queen Ramonda begs Shuri to do so in order to develop a new Black Panther who will protect Wakanda. Shuri refuses to continue her research on the heart-shaped herb because she thinks the Black Panther is a mythical figure from the past.

The CIA and U.S. Navy SEALs use a vibranium-detecting device to find a probable vibranium deposit underwater in the Atlantic Ocean. The CIA suspects Wakanda is to blame when a troop of blue-skinned, water-breathing superhumans led by Namor attack and kill the mission.

Bypassing Wakanda’s sophisticated security, Namor approaches Ramonda and Shuri. He threatens to attack Wakanda until they produce the scientist behind the vibranium-detecting device, blaming them for the existence of the vibranium race.

CIA agent Everett K. Ross informs Shuri and Okoye that the scientist in question is MIT student Riri Williams, and they travel to the college to face her. The FBI and Namor’s warriors are after the gang, and after Okoye is defeated, Shuri and Williams are taken underwater to meet Namor.

Ramonda deprives Okoye of her position as general of the Dora Milaje in retaliation for her inability to defend Shuri and seeks out Nakia, who has been residing in Haiti since the Blip. Namor reveals to Shuri his vibranium-rich underwater realm of Talokan, which he has kept hidden from the rest of the world for generations.

Namor offers an alliance with Wakanda against the rest of the world because he is angry with the surface world for enslaving the Maya, but if they reject him, he will first destroy Wakanda. Williams and Shuri are able to flee thanks to Nakia, and while Namor attacks Wakanda in retaliation, Ramonda drowns while trying to save Williams.

Wakandans retreat to the Jabari mountains for refuge when Namor promises to return in a week with his entire army. Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, Ross’ ex-wife and the director of the CIA, detains him for secretly transmitting top-secret information with the Wakandans.

Shuri reconstructs the heart-shaped herb after Ramonda’s funeral using a piece of the herb that gave Namor’s people their superhuman abilities. After taking it in, she develops superhuman skills, encounters Killmonger in the Ancestral Plane, and he implores her to exact retribution. The other Wakandan tribes recognize Shuri as the Black Panther when she dons a brand-new Black Panther outfit.

Shuri, who is determined to inflict vengeance on Namor for the death of Ramonda, orders an instant counterattack on Talokan despite M’Baku’s pleas for calm. In order to equip Okoye for the impending conflict, Shuri grants her the Midnight Angel armor. Okoye then enlists fellow Dora Milaje member Aneka to help her. Williams develops a motorized exoskeleton akin to Iron Man to help the Wakandans.

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The Wakandans use a seagoing ship to lure Namor and his troops to the surface where they engage in combat. To weaken and dehydrate Namor, Shuri locks him inside a fighter jet. They collide on a barren beach and start fighting. Shuri takes the upper hand, but when she sees how similar their lives have been, she begs Namor to give in by proposing a friendly partnership.

When Namor agrees, the conflict is over. Namora, Namor’s cousin, is angry at Namor for giving up, but Namor reassures her that their new alliance will enable them to eventually rule the surface world.

While Okoye frees Ross from captivity, Williams leaves her costume behind and heads back to MIT. To secure the continuation of the Black Panther legacy, Shuri plants more herbs with hearts on them. M’Baku pushes up to contend for the crown in Shuri’s absence. In accordance with Ramonda’s instructions, Shuri burns her traditional funeral gown while visiting Nakia in Haiti, allowing herself to finally grieve T’Challa.

In a mid-credits scene, Shuri finds out that Nakia and T’Challa had a kid they were rearing in secret away from the demands of the throne, Toussaint. The Wakandan name T’Challa is revealed by Toussaint.

How Was It Produced?


Coogler stated that he was still working on the script in March 2021 and that it has been the most challenging project he had ever undertaken. Boseman had kept the first movie together, he continued, and now he was the one trying to keep it going as the director.

While embracing and applying “the themes that the folks who were grieving just as much as me could actually perform and execute and come out on the other side entire,” he was able to reuse many of the film’s original plot points before Boseman’s passing.

In the initial draft of the script, T’Challa would have been seen adjusting to life after the Blip and “grieving the loss of time… after being gone for five years,” according to Coogler. Freeman promised to meet with Coogler soon to go through the idea.

In an opinion piece he penned in April, director Ryan Coogler declared that the movie would continue to be filmed in Georgia despite the state’s contentious Election Integrity Act of 2021 law. Despite his opposition to the legislation, Coogler believed that boycotting the state’s film industry would harm those who would have otherwise been employed by it. Instead, he wanted to spread the word about how to repeal the law.

Nyong’o expressed enthusiasm for Coogler’s plans and the commitment of everyone involved to upholding Boseman’s legacy. She later claimed that Coogler had changed his original plans for the movie to honor Boseman, which she believed to be “spiritually and emotionally accurate.”

Moore characterized the movie as “how you handle a sad loss while moving forward. Old and new people alike are grappling with the emotional and unexpected ways that losing someone may influence your behavior.”

According to Nyong’o, the movie would address the “beliefs, passions, loves, and disputes” of the women characters, resulting in “a rich drama,” continuing the exploration of feminist ideas from the first movie. Wakanda was a “world we are yearning to go to,” she added.

The movie renames Namor’s homeworld of Atlantis from the comics to Talokan and introduces him to the MCU. Talokan is a “lavish”, submerged Mesoamerican civilization that took its cues from the pre-Mayan world. To depict it, the artists collaborated with Mayan historians and specialists.

Talokan, according to Coogler, was comparable to Wakanda in that it had a sophisticated society “Moore claims that the two “frequently find themselves in conflict because they’re not dissimilar,” hidden in plain sight. These are the countries that choose to remain obscure and alone, ruled by tyrants who are extraordinarily strong and have strong opinions about how the world ought to be run.”

Production designer Hannah Beachler, who worked on the original movie, said she went “deep diving” to portray this version of Atlantis; she was artistically influenced by the movies Jaws (1975) and Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), as well as Jack Kirby’s comic artwork.

Carter incorporated aquatic and jade themes into the Talokan people’s outfits, and she drew inspiration from sharks and lionfish for their feather headdresses. Given the volume of underwater filming that took place, several of the outfits needed to be tested underwater.

The association between the legendary Atlantis and Mesoamerica came from the book Atlantis: The Antediluvian World (1882) by Ignatius L. Donnelly, which could have been one of the reasons there were no comparisons with Aquaman from rival studio DC Entertainment.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is the title of the movie, which Marvel Studios announced in May 2021. Ethan Anderton of /Film thought it was a suitable homage to Boseman because “Wakanda Forever” is the Wakandans’ battle cry.

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Prior to the decision by the creative team to utilize Wakanda Forever for the second Black Panther movie, Moore claimed that the title was initially meant for a hypothetical third Black Panther movie “felt appropriate since it is a tale of triumph over hardship. Wakanda Forever expresses all of these themes in its tale of legacy and perseverance.”

By the end of the following month, Freeman claimed to have read the script and was enthusiastic about it. The technical department of Wakanda Forever was in the city the week of June 25 to scout and inspect filming locations, including at the Worcester Police Department headquarters, according to Edgar Luna, the business development manager of Worcester, Massachusetts’ Economic Development Office, who made the announcement at the end of June.


Summer Break, the working title of the production, began filming at Trilith Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 29, 2021. Filming was supposed to begin in March 2021, but that was before Boseman passed away. Feige stated that “everyone” from the original movie was anticipated to return at the start of production. The film’s cinematographer, Autumn Durald Arkapaw, took over for Rachel Morrison, who worked with Marvel Studios on the

Morrison, a longtime collaborator of Coogler’s, intended to return for Wakanda Forever but was unable to do so since the COVID-19 outbreak produced a schedule issue with her project Flint Strong. Anamorphic lenses “bend the image a little bit,” according to Coogler, when comparing their use to spherical lenses. This fits with the movie’s “the fog of loss over it” theme because “a profound loss… may warp how you look at the world.”

While coping with their grief over Boseman’s passing, Wright, Gurira, Nyong’o, and Kasumba formed a close friendship on set. Wright and Gurira in particular found solace in taking walks together. As she recalled shooting sequences with Boseman in the first movie, Gurira said she became choked up as she walked onto the set of the throne and credited Coogler with helping her get through her sadness.

In July, Bassett claimed that the screenplay had undergone at least five iterations and was still undergoing revisions as a result of Boseman’s passing. She also hinted that Joe Robert Cole, who co-wrote the first movie, was working on the sequel; Feige soon confirmed this. Michaela Coel entered the cast in an unnamed capacity.

Isaach de Bankolé was scheduled to return in August as the Wakandan River Tribe elder, and Dominique Thorne started shooting sequences as Riri Williams/Ironheart for Wakanda Forever before taking on the role in the Disney+ series Ironheart. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Worcester were also scheduled for filming that month, with a vehicle chase in Worcester scheduled to shoot by August 18.

On August 23 and 24, a pursuit sequence was filmed in the Ernest A. Johnson Tunnel. Wright was admitted to the hospital for a short period of time on August 25 after suffering what were thought to be minor wounds during the course of filming a stunt in Boston.

In September, while filming was still going on around her character, Wright retreated to her London home to heal. On October 15, Dorothy Steel, who played the Wakandan Merchant Tribe elder in the original movie, passed away. At the time of her passing, she was in the middle of reprising her part for the follow-up.

The movie’s release date was postponed to November 11, 2022, in late October. By October 22, the production had relocated to Brunswick, Georgia’s Mary Ross Waterfront Park, where shooting took place from October 28 to November 2.

The majority of the filming took place on water, according to Michael Torras, manager of the Brunswick Landing Marina, who also revealed that a 300-foot cruise ship would join the production in the coming days.

The majority of the shots were filmed at night, according to Matthew Hill, director of Brunswick’s downtown development authority. The scenes that did not involve Wright were finished filming by November 5, and on November 19 the production was put on hold. This was done to make room for Wright’s fractured shoulder and concussion, which were more severe than previously thought and were not anticipated to delay Black Panther’s release.

By mid-January 2022, with a recovered Wright back on set, filming had begun and was scheduled to last for four weeks. After cast and crew members, including Nyong’o, tested positive for COVID-19, filming was postponed by a week from when it was initially slated to commence on January 10.

Due to his character’s larger position in the sequel, Duke reportedly negotiated a compensation increase for his return at that time, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The elder from the Wakandan Border Tribe would be played by Danny Sapani once again in the movie, Nyong’o said the following month.

By March 13, Thorne had finished filming her sequences. In Puerto Rico, further shooting started on March 18 and was completed in full on March 24.

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Huerta said in June 2022 that he will be in the movie, and the following month, at the San Diego Comic-Con, Coel, Mabel Cadena, and Alex Livinalli were revealed to play Aneka, Namora, and Attuma, respectively. Florence Kasumba also confirmed that she would be returning as Ayo.

The cast had reshot after their presentation at Comic-Con. According to Huerta, these are “tiny missing bits.” Kamaru Usman’s role in the movie was made public in late July, and Richard Schiff’s casting was made public in September.

In October, it was made known that Lake Bell, who had previously provided different voices for Natasha Romanoff and Black Widow in What If?, will be starring in the movie. Michael P. Shawver, the first movie’s editor, is back.

One post-credits scene is all that is included in the movie, according to Moore, who explains that the creatives “thought the ending was so kind of poetic” and that adding another scene would have “felt a bit disingenuous tonally from what we were doing.”

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