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World Autism Awareness Day

Every year on April 2, the United Nations Member States observe World Autism Awareness Day, which promotes action to increase public understanding of autistic people around the globe.

The United Nations General Assembly’s resolution (A/RES/62/139), which was approved by the council on November 1 and put into effect on December 18, 2007, designated it. It was proposed by Mozah Bint Nasser Al-Missned, the spouse of Emir Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani and Qatar’s representative to the UN, and it received approval from every member state.

In the UN General Assembly, this resolution was passed and adopted without a vote, mostly as an addition to earlier UN efforts to advance human rights.

Autism rights activists frequently argue against the titles “Autism Awareness Day” and “Autism Awareness Month,” saying that they contribute to the perception of ableism towards autistic persons. Some organizations, such as the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, suggest using the title “Autism Acceptance day” as an alternative for both occasions because they believe it encourages doing more than just raising awareness of autism; it also promotes fighting anti-autism prejudice.

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Resolution’s Components.

The original resolution was composed mostly of four parts:

  • The declaration of April 2nd as International Autism Awareness Day, starting in 2008.
  • The UN or the international sociocultural system, including non-governmental organizations and the private sector, invites Member States and other pertinent organizations to develop initiatives to increase public awareness of autism.
  • Encourages Member States to increase public understanding of autism on all societal levels.
  • Requests that this message be sent to all UN entities and member nations by the UN Secretary-General.


Since 2012, the UN has assigned a specific subject to each World Autism Awareness Day.

  • 2012: “Launch of Official UN “Awareness Raising” Stamp.”
  • 2013: “Celebrating the ability within the disability of autism.”
  • 2014: “Opening Doors to Inclusive Education.”
  • 2015: “Employment: The Autism Advantage.”
  • 2016: “Autism and the 2030 Agenda: Inclusion and Neurodiversity.”
  • 2017: “Toward Autonomy and Self-Determination.”
  • 2018: “Empowering Women and Girls with Autism.”
  • 2019: “Assistive Technologies, Active Participation.”
  • 2020: “The Transition to Adulthood.”
  • 2021: “Inclusion in the Workplace.”
  • 2022: “Inclusive Quality Education for All.”

Onesie Wednesday, a day established by the National Autistic Society to inspire people in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland to demonstrate their support for anyone on the autistic spectrum, fell on the same week as WAAD in 2014. It’s okay to be different, participants are saying by donning onesies or pajamas.

Results In The United States.

President Obama outlined some of the steps the US government was taking to protect the rights of people with autism and to raise awareness of the condition in a presidential proclamation from 2015. He cited the Affordable Care Act, which forbids health insurance providers from refusing coverage on the grounds of a pre-existing condition like autism. He also referred to the 2014 Autism CARES Act, which offers more advanced training for those who work with those who have autism spectrum disorders.

Here is a website where you can participate in World Autism Month:

World Autism Awareness Day

Supporters can:

  • Join our 2.8 million social followers and help foster understanding and acceptance by sharing the diverse stories of people on the spectrum or telling your own.
  • The Autism Speaks Kindness Campaign is a way to fundraise for the autism community while sharing quick acts of kindness that encourage acceptance, understanding, and inclusion. It’s a great way to celebrate World Autism Month in April.
  • Make a meaningful, lasting impact on people with autism with your gift. It’s one of the easiest and best ways to show your support.
  • Learn about all the ways you can fundraise on social media.
  • Join us and show your support by wearing official World Autism Month gear. 
  • Joined by the international community, hundreds of thousands of landmarks, buildings, homes, and communities around the world come together on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, to Light It Up Blue in recognition of people with autism and those who love and support them.

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