Blackpink “Born Pink World Tour” – An Astonishing Worldwide Concert Tour Since 2022

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Blackpink, a South Korean girl group, is currently on the Born Pink World Tour to promote their second Korean studio album of the same name.

Blackpink announced on July 6, 2022, that later that year, they would release new music and start the biggest world tour ever for a K-pop girl group. On July 31, it was disclosed that the group’s upcoming world tour would begin in October after the release of Born Pink, their second Korean studio album.

Blackpink announced 36 shows between October 2022 and June 2023, with more dates to be added later, including Asia, North America, Europe, and Oceania. Blackpink released two teaser photographs of the tour’s visual setup on October 6. One showed a black area with white smoke clouds, while the other showed a scene like a garden.

Notably, Blackpink’s tour schedule for Europe has been slightly modified since it was first announced. Copenhagen, where they will perform on December 15, has been added to the group’s tour, while the date of their Berlin performance has been adjusted to December 19 (instead of December 18, as previously scheduled).

Blackpink intended to perform nine shows in seven different cities in Europe. They began  on November 30 and December 1 in London and will conclude on December 22 in Amsterdam.

The group’s performed fall tour of the United States and Canada, which included 10 performances in seven different cities. The North American leg of their tour began on October 25 in Dallas and ended on November 19 in Los Angeles with a performance at the Banc of California Stadium.

The tour received favorable reviews from critics. When reviewing the O2 Arena concerts for Evening Standard, Ali Shutler gave them five out of five stars, saying that they “cherry-picked from a range of familiar genres to create something fresh and throughout the show, it felt like the four performers continued pop’s long-standing legacy of girl power.”

Alexis Petridis gave the same concerts four out of five stars in his review for The Guardian, calling them “exceptionally well made and high-impact.”

Check out the schedule of Blackpink’s tour around the world below!

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Blackpink At The O2 Arena Review.

Blackpink opened the European part of a world tour in London’s O2 Arena with lasers, fireworks, and a slew of backup dancers despite having nothing to prove. And that was only for the opening track.

Jisoo, Jennie, Lisa, and Rosé performed a two-hour, 23-song show during which they threw streamers to the packed audience, rolled a real four-piece band onto the stage, and danced in front of actual flame walls. The concert was spectacular throughout.

Blackpink didn’t bother with subtlety in their music either. Along with K-pop gloss, Blackpink seemed at ease delivering furious rap breakdowns, throbbing EDM drops, and sporadic references to Nineties alt-rock. There were plenty of the chirping hooks that have made them such a favorite on TikTok.

The frantic Kill This Love had an industrial edge, whereas Tally was pure stadium rock ‘n’ roll. Blackpink drew inspiration from a variety of well-known genres, much like Little Mix and the Spice Girls before them, to create something original, and throughout the performance, it seemed as though the four singers were carrying on pop’s long tradition of lady power.

Each member of Blackpink had several solo opportunities to display their pop-star abilities, with Jennie even playing her epic yet unreleased song You And Me (Moonlight). It wasn’t released, although you wouldn’t know it from the stunned silence of the crowd.

Blackpink were all about joyful personality, in contrast to the stereotype of K-pop as being overly pristine and calculated. The girls spent a lot of the performance bouncing around the stage despite the urgent, spectacular dance, talking to the audience or giving heart signs to supporters, and the between-song discussion frequently devolved into silly jokes or dubious British accents.

Jisoo performed some beatboxing at one point, while Rosé got carried away while trying to confetti-cover her bandmates, accidentally launching her microphone off the stage.

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